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A tiny story of dice, RRI and many worthy conversations

Posted by Ecsite on 30 Sep 2016

The creation of the RRI Dice is the result of leaving the common working place and using an unusual setting to let the imagination run. It worked. After a couple of hours of doodling, brainstorming and talking about simple but creative ways to start a RRI conversation, we got to one of most basic elements of human-invented games: a dice. We can’t stop being surprised about this gadget invented more than 4,000 years ago, which gives plenty of possible uses! It’s a perfect example of what Henry Thoreau said: “It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see”: most people can look at the dice and see just a cube, but we see infinite possible conversations and discussions. This small, throwable object, will randomly invite us to talk on certain topics.  Are you wondering about the unusual setting? Well, yes, a charming café in Saint Boniface Quartier, in Brussels.

How did we come up with this? Our goal was to have an object for a training session, something that could help the facilitators ignite conversations in a briskly way. By throwing the dices facilitators of the training will provoke conversations, some reflections or even questions, creating short stories or discussing potential scenarios, that will make us aware of how or what elements of RRI might be useful to empower, to enhance our organizations, practices or work.

The 6 policy agendas and our 4 sets of process requirements represent sides of the two RRI dice. We propose three different levels of reflection (personal, institutional, national/societal) which can lead you to 72 different combinations.  You can easily download template with two dice in any size you want, together with the scripts, where we suggest ideas on how to use it. Moreover, the scripts are adaptable. The invitation is to play and see what happens. We should not forget that we don’t stop playing because we grow old, but we grow old if we stop playing. So, the invitation is there, roll the RRI dice!

The RRI Dice and the scripts are available on the RRI Toolkit, ready to print. (We recommend 180 gr. Paper for the dice.)

Andrea Troncoso and Antonina Khodzhaeva

Andrea Troncoso and Antonina Khodzhaeva work on RRI Tools at Ecsite, in Brussels, which is responsible for the mapping of stakeholders in the RRI Tools project

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