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Call for Submissions | LIV_IN Video Competition | Pitch Responsible Innovation to Industry Leaders

Posted by Teresa Iglesias Lopez & Heike Christiane Vogel-Pöschl | LIV_IN Project on 12 Mar 2019

-> How would you pitch Responsible Innovation to industry leaders?
-> Why should Responsible Innovation be adopted and how

We would like to share your responsible innovation pitch with industry leaders! 

In a 3-to-4-minute video, tell business & industry leaders about responsible innovation and win a prize of €1.000!

++Deadline: Extended until 28th May 2019++


Submit your pitch!

  • No need to be a professional videographer: all you need is a smartphone or camera to record a video and a persuasive pitch!
  • Create a video of you (or you together with a friend!) pitching responsible innovation to industry of 3 to 4 minutes (preferably in English but other languages are accepted too, if the video is submitted with English subtitles)
  • Check the Call for submissions for further guidelines.


The best pitches submitted will be widely shared with industry leaders, receive a cash award and public recognition in a virtual award ceremony.

  • 5 runners-up will be selected:
    • The 3 best submissions will be awarded cash prizes of €1.000, €750 & €500
    • The 2 remaining competitors will receive a surprise
  • Winning videos will be
    • Showcased during the LIV_IN Virtual Summit in June 2019 to an audience of 300 business actors, scholars and other experts in the field
    • Featured on the LIV_IN website
    • Promoted through LIV_IN Consortium partner networks

About the competition

Responsible Innovation helps address today’s grand societal challenges. People get the chance to take part in the conversation about innovations that will possibly turn their lives upside down. At the same time, it brings new, attractive business opportunities to companies. Responsible Innovation is predominantly used within academia and among policy makers, but industry representatives have not yet fully explored its benefits.

This video competition aims at transforming the academic discourses on Responsible Innovation into a language that resonates well with industry. In 3 to 4 minutes, participants pitch their notion of Responsible Innovation to industry leaders, including why responsible innovation should be adopted and how. 

Selection process

The best submissions will be selected by an expert panel of academic and industry representatives. The panel will select finalists based on pitch quality and on the accurate description of responsible innovation.

Five runners-up will be selected a week before the Award Ceremony, notified by email and invited to take part in the Award Ceremony happening during the Virtual Summit in June 11-12. During the award ceremony, the three winners will be officially announced and invited to the stage. 

Video Qualification Criteria

The judges will look for an engaging and accurate submission. Your entry will be judged on the following qualifications:

  • Video length of 3-4 minutes
  • Academic accuracy regarding the concept of responsible innovation in the pitch
  • Pitch quality: well adapted communication of that content to the proper audience, i.e. industry leaders (tell the story… why, what, how – see Video Pitch Guidelines)
  • Persuasiveness of the pitch

Who we are

This video competition was initiated by Living Innovation (LIV_IN). 

LIV_IN is an initiative started by 14 partners from all over Europe, including major industry leaders, civil society and research organizations. We have joined forces to co-create more responsible approaches to innovation in the areas of smart homes and smart health.


For more info about the call see here 

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