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Living Knowledge toolbox for Science Shops

Posted by RRI Tools on 22 Jul 2015

Thinking of starting a project to enhance the relationship between university and society? Worried about societal needs that require expert input?  Are you interested in Science Shops as a model for knowledge exchange? The Living Knowledge toolbox for Science Shops provides information on how to build strong and meaningful partnerships between community-based and university-based researchers.

Students of Queen's University Belfast talk about Science Shops

The toolbox brings together valuable resources in the shape of frequently asked questions, training materials, handbooks and practical guidelines related to the following topics:

The toolbox provides a lot of relevant information to develop a successful Science Shop. It empowers new Science Shops in developing professional standards and enables existing Science Shops to refine and improve their practice through updated professional know-how. Added value comes from exchange of good practices across different countries, incorporating the experiences and needs of new and potential European partners.  However, there is not a typical structure for Science Shops so the needs depend on each case.

Even if you are not interested in setting up a Science Shop in your ecosystem, here you will find very relevant information to build bridges between experts, and between experts and non-experts, independently of the area of knowledge in which you are working. The Living Knowledge toolbox for Science Shop is a good opportunity to encourage cooperation between scientists and civil society to solve different social needs. It is user-friendly and it can be adaptable to other contexts. The fact that Science shops respond to civil society's needs for expertise and knowledge is a key element that distinguish them from other knowledge transfer mechanisms. If you want to know more, you can contact the RRI Tools German Hub, leaded by the Bonn Science Shop

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