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Looking back at the external experts meeting: a new video for the New Year!

Posted by EuroScience on 06 Jan 2016

The RRI Tools project aims at producing a participatory toolkit on responsible research and innovation, that is to be hosted very soon on On 19-20 November 2015 a first beta version of the RRI Toolkit was presented for external feedback to representatives of the research and innovation community, during an intensive two-day meeting, as mentioned in a previous article.

The selected experts and project coordinators gave their opinion on the content and design of the introduction pages leading to the tools, and they put the toolkit to the test, using working scenarios to make sure that the Toolkit fits the needs and expectations of the stakeholders. The participants put themselves in the shoes of research centers willing to foster structural change in their organizations, educators looking for collaborations with researchers and industry, civil society organizations willing to put into place a community-based participatory research, entrepreneurs looking for ways to carry out sustainable innovation...

As a New Year's gift, here is a video  to get a sense of the vibrant and stimulating dialogue and exchanges of good practice at the meeting. We are very grateful to the participants for their dedicated commitment and support in making the Toolkit a most relevant user experience. 

We are now integrating the remarks that were made at the meeting into a new, fine-tuned version of the Toolkit, that we sincerely hope you will be delighted with! To be continued...

And you, what will you use the toolkit for? What do you expect from it? Tell us in the comments!

We wish you a great start into 2016!

Alexia Harambure

Alexia Harambure works for EuroScience, in Strasbourg, which is responsible for the dissemination of the RRI Tools project.

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