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Looking back at the first RRI Tools workshop in Greece

Posted by Ellinogermaniki Agogi on 13 Feb 2015

On the 2nd of October was held in Athens the first RRI Tools workshop. Right behind the Acropolis, participants coming from different principles gathered in order to share their views and practices related to responsible research and innovation as seen from the Greek point of view.

The RRI Tools workshop in Athens

The mix was varied, bringing both NGOs representatives, education professionals, entrepreneurs and policy makers. Greece is in a middle of austerity measures, with an extremely small amount of money devoted to research, with issues that stretch from bureaucracy to a very centralized decision-making system and a political instability. In this exceptionally difficult time though, citizens are getting organized, researchers are opening their doors to the public, startups open and municipalities are creating new opportunities for innovators and entrepreneurs.  In this climate of change, responsible research and innovation is seen as a very useful tool, a logical next step for the stakeholders, a potential solution to a number of issues.  The participants of this first workshop worked hard, were motivated and ready to share their thoughts and provide their input. This was the first step of the project in Greece; what is certain is that there are a lot of stakeholders out there looking forward for tools and assistance on how to move further.

If you are involved in research and innovation in Greece, and curious about fostering a better science with and for society, look no further... contact the RRI Tools Hub for Greece.

Aliki Giannakopoulou

Alliki Giannakopoulou works on the RRI Tools project at Ellinogermaniki Agogi, in Pallini, Greece. Ellinogermaniki Agogi is the RRI Tools Hub Coordinator for Greece and Cyprus.

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