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Meet the RRI Tools Community in Lisbon

Posted by RRI Tools on 26 Mar 2015

Get a chance to meet the RRI Tools community in Lisbon on 24th April 2015!

Leading participants in this European event are the RRI Tools Hubs. The 19 RRI Hubs, representing 30 countries, are responsible for training in the use of the RRI Toolkit, advocating and disseminating the concept of RRI.

Considering the hubs' experience in the field and the crucial materials they have developed - particularly in their consultation activities -, hubs are in a great position to provide a first wide reaching vision of RRI promising practices across Europe. 

RRI Tools in Lisbon: showcasing RRI promising practices

After the 23rd April - an internal meeting of RRI Tools, focusing on the project development in its first year, and building on the role played by both the hubs and the consortium -, the 2nd day of the meeting, on the 24th April, will give the floor to the hubs and is open to the public. This will be a full day of short and dynamic presentations on the state of RRI in all hubs' countries – a showcase of promising and existing RRI practices.

During the meeting, and extending to 25 April, the main hall of Pavilion of Knowledge - Ciência Viva will host 'Science and Democracy - RRI in Practice', an exhibition designed for our event and open to the general public.

Get more information on the Lisbon Hubs meeting here.

It is coordinated by 'la Caixa Foundation', the RRI Tools project coordinator, and Ciência Viva, the coordinator of the RRI Tools Hubs, and the RRI Hub for Portugal. If you have any question related to this event, whether you would like to know more about RRI or to get involved in the RRI Tools project, please do not hesitate to contact the Ciência Viva team.


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