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Posted by RRI Tools 2 on 03 Nov 2015

During September, October and November of the first year of RRI Tools, the National Hubs are responsible for the organisation of consultation workshops, based on the working definition of RRI and the stakeholders mapping.

These workshops are aimed to guarantee that the voice of a wide range of RRI stakeholder profiles across the 19 hub regions is heard and ensure that the Toolkit reflects the concerns, needs, and constraints of its future users. The main goals of the Consultation Workshops are to gather feedback on the project's working definition of RRI, collect, examine, and make a first classification of promising RRI practices; identify the needs and constraints of all stakeholders involved in the RRI process; receive ideas of potential tools for the RRI Toolkit; gain an overview of the differences across stakeholder groups and EU countries and start building a Community of Practice (CoP) across Europe.

From the whole workshop, we expect the following outcomes:a list of comments to the preliminary RRI working definition; a compilation of all promising RRI practices collected by NHCs and workshop participants with a preselection of the 10 most promising practices;a list of opportunities and obstacles related to RRI per stakeholder group;a list of suggested solutions to address the needs per stakeholder group;a list of potential tools to address the most relevant needs per stakeholder group and an engaged, mobilized group of persons that will join the Community of Practice. Consultation workshops on the definition of RRI and the stakeholders mapping.


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