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Responsible Innovation Diagnosis in ICT

Posted by RRI Tools on 06 Aug 2015

Individuals and organizations that want to integrate sustainable development into their digital projects, products or services often meet difficulties to identify the criteria they have to integrate and to formulate the questions they have to ask. These difficulties are now easier to overcome thanks to the Responsible Innovation Diagnosis in ICT, an online test that allows users to determine how their ICT/digital project stands with regard to sustainable development issues simply by answering a few questions.


In this context, the objectives of this auto diagnosis are:

  • Raising awareness and arouse curiosity on sustainable development and responsibility in an ICT/digital project.
  • Enabling project managers to self-identify the challenges of sustainable development and responsibility associated with their project thanks to some questions/criteria.
  • Enabling project managers to determine how their ICT/digital project stands with regards to sustainable development issues.

This self-diagnostic test is freely accessible online and it is quite fast and easy to answer; indeed, it is conceived to be answered as spontaneously as possible. Interested users must answer 40 questions directly related to responsible innovation criteria. Each participant obtains a profile of the project but the questionnaire is anonymous and individual. If they are interested, they can receive a link by email to compare their project's profile to other profiles. An average trend will be displayed depending on the total number of projects, so the comparison will evolve with in terms of quantity and quality.

This online test is a tool powered by the European project KARIM (Knowledge acceleration and responsible innovation meta network).

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