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Roundtable discussion on Responsible Research and Innovation in Hungary

Posted by Mobilis Science Center on 01 Sep 2016

Mobilis Science Center organized a roundtable discussion on Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) in Budapest on 13th July. Leading researchers, university professors, members of civil society organizations, and strategic planners of the National Research, Development and Innovation Office joined the event.

Questions raised for the discussion referred, among others, to how RRI principles could be incorporated in industrial and business innovation as well as in basic and applied academic research, and how gender equality could be promoted, with special emphasis to gender balanced research. Other questions were how knowledge management tools and innovative solutions can support the implementation of responsible research and innovation, and how innovations in education could promote responsible research and innovation.

Key outcome of the two-hour discussion was that there is hope that, with the introduction of the RRI concept, the EU will bring significant and measurable reforms in the field of research. It is an obvious expectation from people that everyone doing an activity which is relevant to the society should consult the aim, the relevance and the topic of his/her research with a wide range of people. Rigid disciplinary boundaries between the different branches of science create a big barrier for open access and the flow of information between researchers. A key to make people interested in Responsible Research and Innovation is sensitization and the activation of young people as well as companies that need trained workforce. Related to this, one of the most important task of experts and professionals is to find a way to change higher education institutions in such a way that they become able to accommodate and take in ‘service learning’ type courses and participatory action research activities which offer a great opportunity on teaching and meeting RRI principles.

Ágnes Kóbor

Ágnes Kóbor works on RRI Tools at the Mobilis Science Centre in Győr, the RRI Tools Hub coordinator for Hungary

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