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19-20 November 2015: shaping the RRI Toolkit in Brussels

Posted by EuroScience on 13 Nov 2015

The RRI Tools team has been working hard lately, proceeding with the final adjustments to the RRI Toolkit. We are getting closer! On 19 and 20 November 2015 in Brussels, a first beta version of the Toolkit will be presented for feedbacks to representatives of the research and innovation community: European Commission officers, coordinators of other responsible and innovation projects, representatives of the different stakeholder groups - research, policy-making, business and industry, civil society organisations, education community.

The aim of this meeting is to provide all potential users with a more robust and useful toolkit, thanks to our guests' expertise.

What is next? The toolkit being participatory, please bear in mind that as soon as it is released, by the end of the year, you will be able to contribute to it, and enrich it with your own tools for responsible research and innovation (RRI).

Should you like to follow up what is being discussed at the RRI Tools Expert meeting on 19-20 November in Brussels, please follow us on social media on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Keep an eye on the hashtag #RRIToolsBXL, which will be used just for the occasion!

And you can already tell us what you expect from the toolkit in the comments, and suggest us the tools you wish to find there.

Alexia Harambure


Alexia Harambure works on RRI Tools at EuroScience in Strasbourg, which is responsible for the dissemination of the project.


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