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Co-innovation with and for Society | Riconfigure Final Virtual Event

Posted by Matilde Trevisani - Fondazione Adriano Olivetti on 05 May 2021

(*) Post last updated on June 3rd 2021 - the detailed agenda of the event has been added


Traditionally the innovation process has been driven by the industry, the public sector and/or research. However, increasingly, it is acknowledged that actors from the sector of civil society may bring valuable knowledge to innovation and it is becoming necessary to include these undervalued actors in order to let innovative solutions flourish.

Models like Open Innovation 2.0, Mode 3 or Quadruple Helix (QH) innovation provide theoretical frames for cross sector collaboration that incorporates civil society. The idea of these inclusive innovation models is the following: by bringing different voices together in new types of collaborations, blind spots are avoided because every actor has specific competences and focus points. Also, it is assumed that with an active co-creation process with civil society it is possible
to find more holistic and appropriate solutions.

The RiConfigure project has been dedicated to empirically investigate such actions and to make cross-sectoral collaborations thrive and overcome the challenges that the actors might face.


The RiConfigure final event is an open online event that serve a double purpose. On the one hand, it brings to the public the main results of the project in gaining a more realistic understanding of real-life Quadruple Helix Collaborations (QHCs).  On the other hand, the final event aims to create a space to discuss the roles QH may have in national and EU Research & Innovation landscapes and particularly for the Horizon Europe (HE) Programme.

All participants will be involved in co-creating an agenda on future research directions, policy improvements and actions to be taken to make QHCs progress from a normative concept to a well-established social practice in the context of the forthcoming HE framework.

This final event follows an itinerary articulated in three working sessions:

  1. The first session will engage participants in the discussion of what we have learned from the Riconfigure project;
  2. The second one will focus on what we still don’t know about cross-sectoral collaborations through the dialogue with the participants;
  3. The third one will be dedicated to the co-creation of the agenda to support collaborative innovation within the Horizon Europe programme.

In the week after the final event (Thursday, June 17th) there will be also the possibility to participate in a half day innovation training program on QHCs developed and tested within the Riconfigure project.

You can download a detailed agenda for the final event from here

This virtual event is organized through the online platform 'Zoom'. Participants may take part the whole itinerary of the three sessions, or, join the discussions on a specific day only. The platform will be designed easy-accessible so no specific technical skills are needed to join the event.


  • Discuss with other practitioners, researchers and policy makers
  • Explore and learn from real life collaborations and main results of the Riconfigure project
  • Join a community of knowledge and practice engaged in multi-actor collaborations for sustainable innovation
  • Jointly lay ground for an agenda on future research directions, policy improvements and actions to be taken to make QHC progress
  • Experience tools & methods for involving civil society in cross-sectoral collaboration innovation through the training program


  • Date: 8, 9, 15 June 2021
  • Time: Three afternoon sessions from 3:00 to 5:00 pm CET time.
  • Where: Online platform accessible via PC and Smartphone (Zoom) - invitation link will follow
  • Who: Persons involved in innovation practice and policy
  • Organizer: EU project RiConfigure | Fondazione Adriano Olivetti in collaboration with Danish Board of Technologies (DBT), Institute for Advanced Studies (IHS) and Wageningen University.
  • Registration form (please when registering specify if you are also interested in participating to the training course on June 17 afternoon from 2:00 to 6:00)
  • Fore more info & contact: [email protected] 

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