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RRI Tools & LIV_IN have joined forces to improve and expand contents of the RRI Toolkit

Posted by Eva Zuazua Schücker - RRI Tools on 19 Mar 2020

The LIVING INNOVATION project brings together 14 partners from all over Europe, including major industry leaders, civil society and research organizations to co-develop more responsible, inclusive and sustainable approaches to innovation in the ICT sector. The project is building capacity and instruments to support the integration of responsible innovation in industrial contexts. The ultimate goal is to shift attitudes towards responsible innovation from risk to opportunity, across sectors and target groups.

LIV_IN is organizing co-creation workshops with lead users and citizens, who are jointly working on solutions that meet user needs and leverage collective creativity to tackle societal challenges, in the areas of smart homes and smart health, and that may uncover new business opportunities. The project has also created a virtual community platform meant to serve as an interactive space for discussion, knowledge exchange and collaboration, open to experts and practitioners in digitization and responsibility.

RRI Tools and LIV_IN have joined forces to enrich and improve contents of the RRI Toolkit focusing on industry needs, and to give higher visibility to LIV_IN and its activities among the R&I community.

Thanks to this collaboration we are adapting those sections of the RRI Tools Platform specifically devoted to industry and business to make them more useful and attractive for this sector, and are developing new how-to application guidelines, based in key learnings from the LIV_IN project. These guidelines are meant to provide practical guidance on how to address common challenges faced by industry and corporates when trying to put responsible innovation into practice. We will be presenting some of these improvements and new developments in the coming weeks and months --> Stay tuned!!

Our partnership with LIV_IN has also served to expand contents of the RRI Toolkit. Many new resources of interest for the industry sector have been uploaded into our resource database in these last months.

Resources collected include a variety of tools and methods for different purposes: 

  • Technology assessment, risk analysis, foresight, future thinking, ethics, AI ethics, etc
  • Co-creation, co-design, creativity techniques, design thinking, design for all, user-driven innovation, , multi- and transdisciplinarity, open innovation, crowdsourcing, citizen science, patient-driven innovation, inclusive innovation, gendered innovation, etc.
  • Sustainable development, circular economy, smart specialisation, R&I innovation strategies, R&I governance, tech governance, accountability, etc.

We mainly focused on R&I fields related to the scope of LIV_IN project such as: Health and wellbeing, ICT, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, etc. But at the same time, we also tried to compile resources related to other industry related fields such as: food and agriculture, energy, urban development, transport and mobility, etc.

Resources come in a wide range of formats: reports, books, opinion pieces, academic articles, videos, presentations, guidelines, case studies, dedicated portals, catalogues, certification standards, training materials, games, communication tools, etc.

If you want to access to whole collection --> follow the link

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