Monday 13

To be or not be... responsible - that is the question

Posted by Ruse Chamber of Commerce and Industry on 13 Jun 2016

That was the question we posed at a public debate organized by the Ruse Chamber of Commerce and Industry at the Sofia Science Festival 2016 which took place in Sofia, Bulgaria. From 12th to 15th May the capital of Bulgaria was transformed into a capital of the science world. Different stands at Zaimov park revealed the wonders of the world we all live in. Laws of physics made forks and spoons defy gravity, ancient skeleton mystery was revealed, space adventures were shown at a closer look, many of us stepped into Antarctic explorers’ shoes while others got to know the virus from inside, and we all had the chance to print in 3D our favourite cartoon character. And while some people could “touch” science outside in the park, many others attended the lectures inside the Sofia theatre, where scientists discussed hot topics on stage, little known facts were placed under the spotlight and citizens could learn the truth from its very source - the researchers and scientists. Discussions on gravitational waves, extraterrestrial life and gene editing naturally lead to the question of responsibility and ethics in research.


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Tuesday 07

"La Caixa" Foundation and IrsiCaixa offer training on Responsible Research and Innovation to over 100 professionals from the scientific community

Posted by IrsiCaixa on 07 Jun 2016

The Spanish Hub of the RRI Tools European project, led by Obra Social "la Caixa" and IrsiCaixa, organized three training seminars on Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) in May 2016, in which more than 100 people from all over the country participated. These meetings are part of the training programme that the consortium organizes throughout Europe with the aim of promoting RRI between the research communitybusiness and industrypolicy makerscivil society organizations and the educational community. The events took place at the CosmoCaixa Barcelona on 4th, the CaixaForum in Madrid on 24th and the Universidad Complutense de Madrid on 30th May.


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Monday 11

Responsible research can be excellent: NRW Innovation Award 2015

Posted by Bonn Science Shop on 11 Apr 2016

Excellent and responsible research characterized by both social and practical relevance

Is Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) only a freaky idea, born in Brussels, and made for researchers who have loads of time to spend? Or more serious: Are we successful at involving different stakeholders in the debate on emerging technologies? How and at what stage of the research process should they be involved? These questions are a core part of the European challenge of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI).

Photo: MIWF/Reiner Zensen

As if to answer them, end of February North-Rhine Westphalia’s Minister for Innovation, Science and Research, Ms Svenja Schulze, has awarded four excellent...

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Tuesday 29

Testing the understanding of our exhibits with visitors during the design phase

Posted by Experimentarium on 29 Mar 2016

Sheena Laursen from Experimentarium, the science centre and RRI Tools Hub coordinator for Denmark, explains how it is possible to test the understanding of science musum exhibits. She illustrates it with a real case of a more than 1 million-Euro project opening later this year.

Very often we have to walk on unknown paths with our new science centre exhibits. When we talk about classic “one-person-one-experiment” cases, it is more simple to make mock-ups during the design and construction phases. But when it is about a complex and integrated set of exhibits, it is much more difficult. In order to serve the interests of our future guests and to act responsibly to our resources, we must not hesitate, but try to find answers to our questions during the development phase of exhibitions.


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Saturday 23

How to find your way around Experimentarium

Posted by Experimentarium on 23 Jan 2016

Sheena Laursen from Experimentarium, the science centre and RRI Tools Hub coordinator for Denmark, explains how to improve visitors navigation through the museum with a Responsible Research and Innovation perspective.

A small project with limited resources and a large task of working with dialogue and participatory process as the primary means to success.

Experimentarium is in the midst of renovating the old science centre building and re-designing the insides from scratch. The Navigation Project will help visitors to always find what they are looking for. In order to succeed with this we involve all stakeholders – first and foremost the visitors themselves.

We look to the city for inspiration. We want to create the same possibilities of...

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