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Thursday 08

Czech hub prepared the workshops all around the Czech Republic

Posted by Techmania Science Center on 08 Dec 2016

A series of workshops was held in the Czech Republic during the first week of October. The purpose of the workshop was to raise awareness of responsibility research and innovation and to present tools developed in the RRI Tools projectTraining sessions took place in four regional cities, namely Ostrava (3 October), Olomouc (4 October), Liberec (5 October) and Brno (6 October) and successfully followed up the first workshop held in Plzeň earlier in June. The workshops were organised by the RRI Hub for the Czech Republic and lecturers were Miroslav Parvonič from Techmania Science Center and Jana Brabcová from Grafia, s.r.o.


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Thursday 17

Imagining RRI after Brexit

Posted by UCL on 17 Nov 2016

Following the momentous decision by the UK to leave the EU on 23 June 2016, there has been much turmoil and confusion about the future of UK access to and engagement with EU funding and projects. According to one report: “UK universities have in the region of 100,000 collaborative links involving UK-based researchers working with their European counterparts.” It goes on to say that sixty percent of all internationally co-authored research papers produced by the country's scientists include at least one European co-author, and EU money enables UK universities to work together across a continent, to lead multinational collaborations, and to share in European resources, data and expertise.


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Tuesday 27

Closing up the gap

Posted by Center for the Promotion of Science on 27 Oct 2015

It is hard to anticipate future needs of society on a long-term scale of 20 or 30 years. Achieving principles of Responsible research and innovations in that sense appears to be a complex task, which requires a lot of skills, knowledge and efforts after all.


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Friday 09

The RRI pioneers in South-East Europe

Posted by Ruse Chamber of Commerce and Industry on 09 Oct 2015

Petia Gancheva, at the Ruse Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the RRI Hub coordinator for Bulgaria and Romania, looks back at the stakeholder's consultation workshop on obstacles, opportunities and ideas for RRI.

The RRI Tools workshop in Ruse

The concept of responsible research and innovation was discussed during 2 full-day workshops held in Ruse, Bulgaria and Bucharest, Romania. The participants were specialists and influencers with different professional backgrounds but all connected by the fact that they play a role in the research and innovation process and all of them share the desire to have R&I shape and direct the society progress.

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Tuesday 29

Summer University ’from idea to business with responsibility’

Posted by Mobilis Science Centre on 29 Sep 2015

Széchenyi István University organized a summer university in the last week of August in the city of Győr (Hungary) where students and innovators were trained on how to progress from idea to implementation of innovation.

In the framework of this event, Mobilis Science Centre, as one of the Hub members of RRI Tools project, held a pilot workshop with the title 'Responsible Innovation' on 26 August. Lecturer and moderator was Péter Tamás Szilasi, managing director of Mobilis. Our aim with the workshop was to provide a general overview and understanding about the

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