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Monday 07

Showcase videos on successful RRI in the business sector

Posted by André Martinuzzi, coordinator of the LIV_IN project on 07 Feb 2022

Based on more than three years of experience the EU funded project LIVING INNOVATION presents major outcomes in 9 showcase videos. 

Many of them will be the starting point of future exchange and networking, as the project will continue to organize online dialogues and virtual innovation corners (for upcoming events please visit our news section)


This video presents a new and business-oriented narrative on Responsible Innovation based on three elements: 

  • Managing Impacts of innovation means to innovate with positive impact and accept responsibility beyond markets. It increases a company’s value and reduces the risks of sunken costs and societal follow up costs.
  • Co-creating Innovation refers to a company’s responsibility to put societal needs in the center of innovation processes and to innovate in a truly inclusive manner. It contributes to more and better fitting ideas and tackles grand societal challenges.
  • A systemic perspective is a company’s responsibility for future-oriented solutions and drives innovation by understanding interrelationships. It allows individual companies to become an industry game-changer and increases societal resilience and sustainability at the same time.

These three elements link the societal benefits of RRI with concrete business cases and highlight the deriving opportunities for companies. More details can be found in the LIV_IN Policy Brief “A New Narrative For Responsible Innovation


Co-creation is a frequently used term in EU policies and programmes. It turns people into partners and takes the diversity of stakeholder interests into account. As a result, implementation is often done faster and with fewer conflicts.

In this video we present a toolkit for co-creation in corporate innovation processes. It addresses aspects of strategic planning, quality criteria, methods and practical considerations of effective and successful co-creation processes.

You can download the co-creation toolbox here 


Design Thinking is a well-established tool for innovation managers, which provides them with a better understanding of user needs and allows faster prototyping of results.

In the LIVING INNOVATION project we integrated key aspects of responsibility and sustainability into design-thinking with a sound scientific basis. We then tested our concept, which we call “Responsible Design Thinking”, in a series of workshops. 

In this video, we briefly introduce the concept and show you how you can apply it. 


As part of the LIVING INNOVATION project, we launched a series of webinars to share the diverse experiences, raise awareness of innovative teaching concepts and to encourage teachers to do more than just teach via Zoom and MS Teams. We discovered some truly innovative applications of virtual, augmented and extended reality which have great potential for the future.

In this video we present the advantages of extended reality (XR) in teaching and training and suggest a virtual one-stop shop that documents these benefits and acts as a reference platform for the various applications. It should take stock of already existing solutions, develop innovative applications from early prototypes to market-ready products, and support their dissemination. 


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Monday 31

RRI Tools and LIV_IN joined forces to improve and expand contents of the RRI Toolkit focusing on industry needs

Posted by RRI Tools - Eva Zuazua Schücker on 31 Jan 2022

Thanks to this collaboration we reshaped and enriched those sections of the RRI Tools Platform specifically devoted to industry and business - the introductory landing page for industry and the how-to application guidelines - to make them more useful and attractive for this sector. 

Stakeholder landing pages were designed with the aim to provide a “soft” landing for newcomers, introducing the RRI concept to each stakeholder group. These introductory pages outline what RRI means in simple terms, addressing the main benefits, needs and concerns of each group in their own language. Each tailored page contains a selection of recommended resources and links to the How-to application guidelines. We adapted the landing page for business and industry to the new narrative on responsible innovation developed by LIV_IN. The new design outlines key ideas associated with the concept of responsible innovation and provides a schematic overview of the responsible innovation principles

The How-to application guidelines are meant to provide practical guidance on how to address common challenges faced by industry and corporates when trying to put responsible innovation into practice. Thanks to our collaboration with LIVIN, we were able to develop several new how-to guidelines [How to boost creativity and involve people | How to consider future impacts | The business case for Responsible Innovation | Inclusive innovation] based on work and learnings from the project and to enrich with additional contents some of the already existing ones.


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Thursday 19

RRI Tools & LIV_IN have joined forces to improve and expand contents of the RRI Toolkit

Posted by Eva Zuazua Schücker - RRI Tools on 19 Mar 2020

The LIVING INNOVATION project brings together 14 partners from all over Europe, including major industry leaders, civil society and research organizations to co-develop more responsible, inclusive and sustainable approaches to innovation in the ICT sector. The project is building capacity and instruments to support the integration of responsible innovation in industrial contexts. The ultimate goal is to shift attitudes towards responsible innovation from risk to opportunity, across sectors and target groups.

LIV_IN is organizing co-creation workshops with lead users and citizens, who are jointly working on solutions that meet user needs and leverage collective creativity to tackle societal challenges, in the areas of smart homes and smart health, and that may uncover new business opportunities. The project has also created a virtual community platform meant to serve as an interactive space for discussion, knowledge exchange and collaboration, open to experts and practitioners in digitization and responsibility.

RRI Tools and LIV_IN have joined forces to enrich and improve contents of the RRI Toolkit focusing on industry needs, and to give higher visibility to LIV_IN and its activities among the R&I community.


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Tuesday 07

Challenges for Responsible Innovation - you are invited to join the conversation!

Posted by Dr. Rene von Schomberg on 07 May 2019

On the occasion of the book launch of the International Handbook on Responsible Innovation, a series of international events will take place to discuss the challenges ahead of us for the further development and implementation of responsible innovation. 

Below you will find the agenda’s for these events- with guest lectures and panels. Participation to these events is free but because of limited available seating, prior registration is necessary


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