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Tuesday 27

Closing up the gap

Posted by Center for the Promotion of Science on 27 Oct 2015

It is hard to anticipate future needs of society on a long-term scale of 20 or 30 years. Achieving principles of Responsible research and innovations in that sense appears to be a complex task, which requires a lot of skills, knowledge and efforts after all.


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Thursday 05

Responsible research and innovation: are we reinventing the wheel?

Posted by the King Baudouin Foundation on 05 Feb 2015

The King Baudouin Foundation published in 1985 a report titled ‘Scientific research at the service of society' (RRI 1.0). A high level multidisciplinary group made recommendations underlining the importance of participation of society, the need to enhance collaboration between stakeholders, the need of long term and middle term anticipation. They proposed to create a science museum in Belgium.

Nearly 30 years later some things have changed, but there is still a gap to close between science and society.  

On 2nd October we organized a first workshop in the framework of the RRI Tools project in Brussels in Dutch - followed on 7th November by a second workshop in French in the same city. Stakeholders were happy to speak together about...

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