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Monday 09

Social Innovation Factory

Posted by the Athena Institute on 09 Nov 2015

Our society faces complex, and often border-transcending, problems, such as an aging society and climate change. Governmental bodies, be they local, regional or global, try to tackle these issues via funding of large scale research projects and legislation. But they are not the only ones working on change and solutions; social movements, civil society and cooperatives strive to solve social issues in a creative way. But the current global crisis and austerity in government funding do not aid such initiatives.

Figure 1: Logo Social Innovation Factory

The Social...

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Monday 06

Discover Plug in labs Ouest: connecting research and business through a search engine

Posted by RRI Tools on 06 Jul 2015

From 1st to 6th of June 2015, scientists, science communication specialists from all over the world and the general public gathered in Nancy (France) for the Science & You event which aimed at presenting and discussing science communication today.

RRI Tools held a stand there to explain the project and to meet the community. We gave the visitors the opportunity to present their RRI practices. In particular, their were asked to add on a billboard the practices and tools they were aware of across Europe. Among the varied inspiring contributions, we discovered the promising

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