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Thursday 03

Gathering RRI & RRI learning practices: the HEIRRI database is now online!

Posted by HEIRRI on 03 Nov 2016

The new database of the HEIRRI project is now published online and available for everyone interested in RRI and RRI learning! The database compiles 23 exemplary cases related to RRI and RRI learning in higher education institutions, such as EU projects, different teaching/pedagogical approaches, programmes, courses, a policy document and a report.


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Wednesday 27

Ark of Inquiry: Bringing Responsible Research and Innovation in science education in Europe

Posted by Ellinogermaniki Agogi on 27 Apr 2016

Ellinogermaniki Agogi (EA), the RRI Tools Hub coordinator for Greece and Cyprus, is what you would expect from a typical school on one hand with numerous kids floating the school premises from nursery to high school, but on the other hand it hosts a very dynamic Research and Development department. Even in the period of the Greek crisis, the department is engaged in European funded projects in the field of science education, ICT, science communication, gamification and more.

Teachers in Estonia being engaged in Ark of Inquiry activities

One of the...

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Monday 05

Pesticides: a blessing and a curse of civilisation

Posted by Techmania Science Center on 05 Oct 2015

'​The expert system for more accurate decisions on pesticide use' is the full name of the new software application that has recently been made available to Czech farmers. It is actually a smart assistant that helps with the use of artificial fertilizers. The application is a joint effort by two institutions – the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic and the Crop Research Institute.

František Kocourek from the Crop Research Institute

Legitimate Regulation

Among other things, the application allows for determining the economic threshold of harmfulness for pesticides and...

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Thursday 06

Responsible Innovation Diagnosis in ICT

Posted by RRI Tools on 06 Aug 2015

Individuals and organizations that want to integrate sustainable development into their digital projects, products or services often meet difficulties to identify the criteria they have to integrate and to formulate the questions they have to ask. These difficulties are now easier to overcome thanks to the Responsible Innovation Diagnosis in ICT, an online test that allows users to determine how their ICT/digital project stands with regard to sustainable development issues simply by answering a few questions.


In this context, the objectives of this auto diagnosis are:

  • Raising awareness and arouse curiosity on sustainable development and responsibility in an...

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Thursday 23

The Spanish Hub organizes the first public seminar on RRI in Barcelona

Posted by IrsiCaixa on 23 Jul 2015

Last June, the CosmoCaixa Barcelona (Spain) hosted the first public conference on Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI). It was organized by the RRI Tools project, led by "la Caixa" Foundation and the IrsiCaixa AIDS Research Institute.

Nearly one hundred people attended the event where different experts explained how to incorporate the six policy agendas of RRI — gender equality, ethics, governance, public...

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