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The DESIRE Reach Out Toolkit: communicating science education projects

Posted by RRI Tools on 16 Jul 2015

The European project DESIRE (Disseminating Educational Science, Innovation and Research in Europe) has developed a toolkit that aims to help spread the results of science education projects to teachers and other education stakeholders, providing practical tips based on lessons learned and previous experience. Each section shows tools, recommendations and good practices with the aim of helping and inspiring users.

Credit: CC BY 2.0 by Jonathan Stonehouse

The toolkit is very clear and all the information is explained in a user-friendly language. It is a free-of-charge resource and it can be downloaded in English, Italian, French and Spanish. This toolkit focuses on where and when the information should be disseminated, the content of the communication itself and the best way for targeting the selected audience. Thus, it is divided in four sections: dissemination to teachers, to STEM project managers, to advisors of policy makers and to science event organisers and science museum professionals.

Collaboration with teachers and other STEM education stakeholders can be a real win-win opportunity where they benefit from project managers and project coordinators communication skills and experience, and these ones learn from educator's knowledge of the field. In this sense, the DESIRE Toolkit can really help these stakeholders to adapt to the RRI framework, enabling paths of collaboration and helping to transfer the knowledge from the education sector to other agents who really have to play a part in Research and Innovation.

Cover of the DESIRE Reach Out Toolkit

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